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Theme Participating companies Contents
PARTNERSHIPS Cheongju City Library Promoted library programs, book start
Paju Book City
Cultural Foundation
Books of Paju Book City
All the books in the world Woori library Korean loved books
Dreaming Bookstore Book themed, Chungbuk collection
Cheongju Cultural City Development Project - Samsaengchung BOOK Neighborhood bookstore/publisher/mapping of Chungbuk writers
100 Lee of King Sejong About 100 Lee of King Sejong, storytelling, free book gift
MY FAVORITE THINGS Independent Publishing Collection
beige Emotional Magazine of Chungbuk Province
Digital Book e-book, digital book contents exhibition
Play Book Humanities city corporation, Chungbuk National Humanities Institute Development experience program for students of Chungbuk University
Nolteum Creating picture cards
Male Kids Art Institute Son box experience, sales
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