September 3

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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Performance : Sangsang Traditional Music Chamber Orchestra

Luis Dartnell / Knowledge : How to rebuild after the destruction of Earth civilization

Ultimatum for last survivor surpassing <Massion>

Jason Murkoseuki / Art and innovation of e-book

E-book revolution brought a new reading,
JIKJI, the first revolution in the history of the discovery going back in time

Ron Arad / Whats and Ifs

World 3 designers designed metal pavilion for the JIKJI Korea
Contained therein the questions and the future

Jihae Park / i-Violiner

Conveyed a strong message with the melody of the violin
From Gutenberg in Germany to JIKJI in JIKJI

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Sangsang Traditional Music Chamber Orchestra / Chungbuk National Traditional Music Orchestra

Sangsang Music Chamber Orchestra is the first specialized private organizations as Chungbuk National Music Orchestra led by Youngsung You conductor in 2008 and has been leading the work of young artists in Chungbuk. Through the music more than the imagination, you can share the excitement with the motto to be committed to developing the popularization and globalization of Korean traditional music orchestra. By inputting the traditions and culture of our region in Cheongju into music, they have been striving to create a cultural brand show. Since 2011, JIKJI project's been underway through traditional music orchestra, traditional music and/or traditional chamber music.

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