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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Like JIKJI consisting of 29,138 printing types, 29,138 secondhand books filled with citizens' true heart were newly born in beautiful condition. Secondhand books will be exhibited with a variety of cultural activities such as meeting with authors or other outdoor experiences at the entrance of big concert hall in Arts Center. Please donate your old books in your bookcase and infuse new life into them.
Apr 11, 2016 - Aug 12, 2016
* Campaign ended on June 30, achieving and exceeding the goal.
All books, including fairy tales, novels, magazines and study materials
* You can also donate books damaged a lot.
  • · Please Put a book in donation boxes available all over Cheongju to bring new life into books.
    All books will have an opportunity to be newly born.
  • · Other inquiry ☎ Contact information of 'Secondhand books, please', JIKJI Korea Organizing Committee +82-43-201-2036
헌책을 부탁해 결과값
  • Early April - Campaign preparation
  • April 11 - 'Secondhand books, please' donation boxes placed
  • April 22 - Started collecting books
  • May 17 - The biggest amount of donations (Sangdang Library donated 5,867 books)
  • June 1 - the longest distance donation (Seoul 104km, Juno Hair)
  • June 28 - Achieved goals
  • June 30 - Closed campaigns early / Total 35,000 books
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