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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Through play, you can realize the spirit of the JIKJI dissolved in it. It is interesting and including an educational element as well. The whole family would be a satisfied with edu-tainment experience.
직지 놀이터 프로그램 내용
Classification Contents
Play Book BOOKEPISODE (points - lines - story), Create a book saving box, Creating a popup book, A happy bite of a cookie, Reading a book, Exhibition of original pictures and molding (Yeonchul Park children's author), Make horoscope key chain (supported by Astronomy Observatory Department of Chungbuk University)
Maps on my own Three kinds of bromide originals exhibits and games, Fun and easy aptitude counseling program
Drawing caricature cartoon Caricature drawn on the JIKJI papers, Cartoon drawing playground
Mini comics bookshelves Bookshelves collecting the mini-comics
Type forest (6m × 20m) size playground where to find a particular type in the vinyl type forest writing sentences or performing other missions
3D Printer Experience Several 3D printers, allowing multiple simultaneous experience
JIKJI mini photo frame, JIKJI beads bracelet, A game taking JIKJI stamps
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