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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Garden Expo of Books can be utilized as the place made of books donated by citizens for play, rest and experience and the place for taking pictures against the background of architecture made of books and learning through meeting with writers
Cheongju Arts Center
  • 20 Festival Booths(outdoor square)
  • book architecture(outdoor library)
Standing program
  • meeting with writers(once per day, including special sections by local writers) – outside stage of book architecture
  • mini lecture(11:00, 14:00 twice per day) – Small performance hall of Cheongju Arts Center
  • Experience program by booths
Special Program
  • Day of City Library (September 3(Sat.) Reading books, Reading Cheongju Proclamation Ceremony, Book Concert)
  • Humanities City, Cheongju, Lecture Series 'Talking About Cheongju' (Humanities Research Center of Chungbuk University)
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