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직지, 세상을 깨우다

JIKJI, the Golden Seed Exhibition


Exhibition Overview

  • Title
    JIKJI, the Golden Seed
  • Participating Countries
    11 countries (South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Japan, China, Canada, Turkey and Republic of Korea)
  • Participating Artists
    35 teams (21 domestic and 14 overseas countries)
  • Works
    80 works (including relics)
  • Venue
    1to3 Fl. of Cheongju Arts Center Lobby, Exhibition halls, Character Tunnel and Pavilion
  • Cooperation
    FACT Liverpool, CERN Art Department and Kimdaljin Art Museum
  • Sponsorship
  • Planning
    Seung-Min Kim, senior curator

Instruction of the Exhibition

For the first time, JIKJI Korea Global Festival holds 'JIKJI, the Golden Seed' under the theme of 'JIKJI, Awaken the world'. World-renowned 35 artists from 11 countries including the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom and Canada participate in the festival with a variety of works. Ab Roger is an exhibition space director who is a world-class interior designer and installation artist in the UK and called a magician of color. He has been in charge of the world-renowned cultural facilities such as Tate Modern Museum in London and Paris Pompidou Center, etc. Please expect theme exhibition spaces adorned in red by him inspired by the tradition wedding clothing in Korea.

About Exhibition

About Exhibition
Light watches the shadows
Behind Illumination
This exhibition can be called a prelude of the exhibition, showing the full implications. Through a chronological history of type and illustration on a civilization, we can see the hidden values and history of JIKJI.
Light meets the darkness
Gutenberg Galaxy's stained glass is connected to the young architect through character tunnel in the exhibition space.
Light illuminates again
We can predict future parts with a combination of imagination and technology that are JIKJI in the past and contemporary works containing an intuitive interpretation and being utilized in a wide range as currently, many works on display interpret JIKJI's value. In particular, we can admire arts advised by the CERN Arts Bureau and FACT Liverpool studying sky, grounds and a person (天地人).

Participating artists

Domestic 21 people

Hyeyoung Gu & Life Formula & Q-milinury, Jian Gwon, Minjung Guem, Sangjin Kim, Suheo Kim, Notionarchitecture (Minseok Kim), Munasee (Daehyun Kim), Byungwoo Bae, Yongil Shin, Sangsu Ahn, Hyeokyong Eom, Kwangho Lee, Seungae Lee, Inam Lee, Inho Im, Sangeon Jeon, Gyudong Jeong, Mi Jeong, Hanook Jeong, Jeonghwa Choi, Gyeongtak Hong

Overseas 14 people

Brigitte Stepputtis, Burcu yağcıoğlu, Dario Bartolini. Gina Czarnecki, Jeremy Bailey, Jürgen Dünhofen, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Miao Xiaochun, Phill Dobson, Ron Arad, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Semiconductor, Shona Kitchen, William Kentridge

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