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직지, 세상을 깨우다

The City of Cheongju has continuously proposed to the central government that the government should be interested in the fact that there is limit to the globalized Jikji only with the effort of local government.
As a result, the City could host the first event in 2016 after receiving the approval of international event from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
  • Approval Process
  • 2014.09 Decided to integrate Jikji Festival and Jikji Memory of the World Prize
  • 2014.12 Submitted the approval application form of international event(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
  • 2015.02 Submitted the approval of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  • 2015.05 Agreed on hosting the event linked between UNESCO and Gutenberg Museum of Germany
  • 2015.07 Conditionally agreed on local government investment appraisal(Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
  • 2015.07 Finally agreed on international event(Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
  • 2016.02 Ceremony of founding Jikji Korea Organizing Committee and proclaiming its Vision
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