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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Symbol Mark

  • Golden Seed
  • The Golden Seed
    Culture flowers blowing from Golden Seed
    Golden Seed bearing the chinese character '日' turing upside, proving that Jikji was printed with metal type is symbolizing the cultural value of Korea as the festival of international documentary culture through historic value and direction of lines of Jikji, the oldest existing in the history with the creation of printing documentary culture.
  • Flowers blowing from Golden Seed
  • The Golden Blossom
    Flowers blowing from Golden Seed
    If Jikji is a seed, Jikji Korea is said to be a garden. Then things created by Jikji Korea is the flower of Jikji.


  • Basic Signature
  • Korean Signature
  • Korean and English Signature

Color System

  • Main Color
    main color System
  • Sub Color
    sub color System
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