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직지, 세상을 깨우다

  • Mayor of Cheongju City Lee Sunghun
  • Welcome to Jikji Korea Website. I am Lee Sunghun, President of Jikji Korea Organizing Committee.
    Welcome to the Website of Jikji Korea once again.

    Jikji is the international documentary heritage which is very proud and representative printing culture which our ancestors have developed as the oldest books in the world with movable metal printing type.

    Based on this, the City of Cheongju integrated Cheongju Jikji Festival and Award Ceremony of UNSCO /Jikji Memory of the World Prize and was approved and host as the international event under the name of 'Jikji Korea'

    The international event will be newly held in the Cheongju Jikji Cultural Zone from September 1 to September 8 for 8days along with citizens.

    We have prepared to host exhibition, education, academy, and experience contents fit to the dignity of international event and implement the projects to make the brand of the Jikji with innovative and creative idea.

    We wish this year to be the year when you can feel the passion of Jikji Korea in the world and I would like to ask for your interest and participation.

    Thank you.

    President of Jikji Korea Organizing Committee, Mayor of Cheongju City Lee Sunghun

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