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직지, 세상을 깨우다

Jeon Byungsam

Selected as 'Homo Creaens' of Korea's representative integrated-type talents announced by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future

Cheon Byungsam of photo
Academic history
  • - Graduated from Sculpture Department of Fine Arts College of Hongik University
  • - Graduated from Master Degree of Art & Technology, School of the Art Institute of Chicargo(SAIC)
  • - Graduated from Computer Science of Irvine University of California
  • - Selected as Writer of LA Siggraph of USA 2004
  • - Selected as Writer of ISIMD2005 Istanbul, Turkey
  • - Selected as Writer of Asia Graph 2008, Shanghai, China
  • - Selecte as Writer of ArtBots 2008, Dublin, Ireland
  • - Selected as Writer of Siggraph Asia 2008, Singapore
  • - Selected as Writer of Netfilmmakers 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • - Selected as Writer of LIFE 2011, Russia
  • - Selected as Writer of SIAF 2014, Sapporo, Japan
  • - Selected as Writer of Media Art Landmark, Gimpo Airport
  • - Executive director of Interactive Playground New Media International Exhibition, Chicago, USA
  • - Executive director of ThisAbility New Media International Exhibition, Beijing, China
  • - Executive director of Machine Dreams, Seoul, Korea
  • - Executive director of Digital Pavilion of National Hangeul Museum
  • - Executive director of opening ceremony of Korea Science Festival
  • - Director of Flameholder of Tree-Water-Fire in Incheon Asian Games
  • - Art director of 2015 Cheongju International Craft Biennale Committee
  • - RPI HASS Fellowship Award 2009
  • - UCI Medici Scholoar Award 2007
  • - Prime Minister Prize for Intelligent Robot Grand Prize of Korea Robot Award(Robot playing music)
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