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Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Festival Program


1377 Goryeo Street Market

Travel back in time to the age of Jikji’s creation!
Discover the era of Jikji and Goryeo culture with fascinating attractions, foods, and activities!

1377 Goryeo Street Market
Oct. 1-21, 2018
World Alphabet Street
We will travel back in time to the moment of Jikji’s creation. In this historically accurate reenactment venue, visitors will be able to interact with Goryeo residents clad in Goryeo clothing on a Goryeo street while experiencing Goryeo culture through their food, traditional wine and tea, and customs.
A continuation of the most popular 2016 program, this will allow visitors to experience Goryeo culture on an even deeper level than the previous event.

Experience Highlights

  • The historically accurate reproduction of an ancient Goryeo street market features Ssanghwajeom Store, located in a gorgeous roof-tiled house, Joposa Temple, and other exotic stores of the time as well as diverse traditional artifacts.

    You can see what Goryeo people might have eaten and which tools they might have used back in 1377 through food and crafts sold on Goryeo Street, such as mandu (dumplings), tofu, traditional wines, a Goryeo lunchbox, noodles, and pottery.

  • With a focus on the history of Goryeo, a total of 19 booths will sell foods and beverages and also display and sell handicrafts,

  • The street offers diverse hands-on experiences related to, for instance, Buddhist temple foods, traditional wines, the Ssanghwajeom Store, tea culture, and traditional Goryeo clothing.

  • Against this backdrop of traditional clothing, food, and culture, cheerful performances by actors and artists are sure to delight visitors.