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Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Festival Program


The Book Garden

Using books donated by people, we create a space where our city residents can relax with books. This popular 2016 event attracted many active participants and has now returned.

The Book Garden
Oct. 1-21, 2018
Jikji Forest (Main Square, Cheongju Arts Center)
The 2016 program, noted for active civic participation, has been upgraded for its 2018 return. The Book Garden has been established with books donated by city residents, creating a comfortable place to read books.

Experience Highlights

  • The Book Garden, a small library where you can read and rest comfortably anytime during the festival period, has been created with books donated by city residents.

  • The space has been designed so that people can read under the shade, relax, and heal their minds.

  • Together with the diverse healing programs offered in the Jikji Forest, the Book Garden will present visitors with a unique one-of-a-kind experience.

※ Visitors can enjoy the Book Garden even on rainy days as it is located within the Jikji Forest.