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Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Festival Program

Healing Industry Exhibition paid exhibition

“Look into your mind and discover the essence there.”
Discover the spirit of Jikji through our diverse healing programs. With these healing experiences, you will be able to look straight into your mind and take control of your emotions.

Healing Industry Exhibition
Oct. 1-21, 2018
Cheongju Roller Skating Rink
Healing experiences will help visitors understand the meaning of the statement “Look into your mind and discover the essence there.”

Experience Highlights

  • Offer healing experiences at some 100 booths (e.g. meditation, yoga, drawing, and DIY classes)

  • Devise healing booth arrangement by selecting participating booths among applicants

  • Display diverse products from the meditation industry, along with booths offering hands-on experiences

The Healing Industry Exhibition: Playground for Young Children

  • Overview

    • - Venue

      Healing Industry Experience Center

    • - Opening Hours

      10 am-6 pm

    • - Participants

      Groups of young children and families (children aged 3-7)

    • - Number of participants

      20-30 children per session
      ※ Only young children can enter the playground zone. Parents must wait beyond the fence.
      ※ In the case of group reservations by preschools, teachers may accompany the children.

    • - Duration

      Up to 20 minutes

    • Listening to instructions
    • Passing through Jikji Forest

      A game to strengthen large muscle groups, where children enter the ball pit and pass between obstacles (sponge bars) lined along the walls

    • Passing through a tunnel and spiderweb cave

      A game to strengthen large muscle groups, where children make their way through a tunnel entangled with rubber strings

    • Finding characters in a box

      A game that reflects the value of Jikji, where children can learn the Korean alphabet in a fun way as well as develop concentration skills and quick reactions while trying to find 3D-printed characters

    • Biseokchigi (hitting stone slabs) using the top of one’s foot

      A game where children place 3D-printed slabs, which are inscribed with the characters jik (直) or ji (指), on their feet, throw them, and hit the targets

    • Writing Jikji in an imaginative way

      A game where children write Jikji on a whiteboard in a unique way

    • Eating puffed rice cookies at Jikji Collation (snack space)

      An experience where children draw a letter or picture on puffed rice cookies with a honey-soaked brush and subsequently eat the cookies