Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Ticket Information

Ticket Information
Category Ticket Price Target
Ticket Type Age Group Reservation On-site Purchase
Individuals Adults KRW 6,000 KRW 8,000 Person aged 19-64
Teens KRW 4,000 KRW 5,000 Middle/high school student with a student card or teenager aged 13-18
Children KRW 2,000 KRW 3,000 Elementary school student or child aged 3-12
Preferential Tickets - KRW 3,000 Person aged 65 or older
Beneficiary of national living security aid (Cultural Benefit Card holder)
Serviceman (Staff sergeant or lower rank), riot/conscripted policeman
※ A relevant ID is required.
Groups Adults - KRW 6,000 A minimum 20 people (domestic visitors)
A minimum 10 people (foreign visitors)
Teens - KRW 4,000 Middle/high school student
Children - KRW 2,000 Elementary school student or child (aged 3-12); group of people aged 65 or older
Love Tickets Citizens KRW 5,000 - Beneficiaries of national basic livelihood security aid, single-parent families, members of the second-lowest income bracket, the single elderly, and welfare-related groups and organizations
Businesses KRW 10,000 - Businesses based in Cheongju and major domestic companies

※ Tickets are not refundable.

Reservation Periods

June 18-September 28, 2018
Regular reservations
October 1-21, 2018

Where to Purchase Reservation Tickets

  • Official sponsor: Nonghyup Bank
  • Four district offices, eup/myeon offices, and civil affairs offices in each community service center
  • Cheongju City Hall (Civil Affairs Office) and Cheongju Museum of Art
  • Lapomme Museum (Ijeonggol-ro), Chojeong-yaksu-wontang (Naesu-eup), Seojeong-jocheong (Bongmyeong-dong), The Jaram Farm (Gasan-ri), Goryeo-seojeom Bookstore (Yullang Branch), Minsarang-seojeom Bookstore (Chungbuk National University Branch), Balsan-mungo Bookstore (Gagyeong Branch, Sinbong Branch), Saemteo-seojeok Bookstore (Seongan Branch), Uri-mungo (Seongan Branch), Munwha-seorim (Gangnae-myeon), Hongmundang-seojeok (Geumcheon/Bunpyeong/Yong-am Branch)
  • Temporary venues (during baseball games): Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium and Cheongju Baseball Stadium

Free Admissions

  • Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities: Specifics based on the 2018 Welfare Program Guide for Persons with Disabilities (published by Ministry of Health and Welfare)
    ▶ Beneficiaries: A severely handicapped person (1-3 grade) and one guardian
  • Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Honorable Treatment of and Support for Persons, etc. of Distinguished Service to the State (Article 86, Support for Use of Old Palaces, etc.): Free admission for eligible persons
  • Municipal Ordinance on the Honorable Treatment of Noble Military Families (Article 5, Preferential Treatment): Free admission for eligible persons
  • Discounts for Cheongju-resident volunteers (Article 21, Cheongju City Municipal Ordinance): Free admission for eligible persons
    ▶ Beneficiaries: Outstanding Volunteer Service Certificate holder (people who spent at least 100 hours over the past 3 years on volunteer activities and have accumulated at least 500 hours of total volunteer experiences) ⇒ The certificate is effective for 18 months after issuance.
  • Children aged 3 or less (born in 2015 or afterward)
Ticket Inquires
PR & Marketing Division, Jikji Korea Organizing Committee (Phone: 043-271-9913)