Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Festival Program


Jikji Road paid exhibition

‘Abandon your prejudices and preconceptions to enlighten your mind.’,
‘Jikji already constituted the world.’
Visualizing the content of Jikji

Jikji Road
Oct. 1-21, 2018
Exhibition Hall (1F), Cheongju Arts Center

General Overview

  • Jikji Road

    In October 2016, a letter presumably from Pope John XXII to King Chungsuk of Goryeo was discovered within the Vatican Secret Archives. It was written 44 years before Jikji was published, suggesting that Goryeo and the Western world engaged in cultural exchanges earlier than previously assumed.
    Was Goryeo’s printing technology transferred to the West?
    Did it therefore influence Gutenberg?
    There is still controversy surrounding this letter. However, with the Jikji Road, we will imagine East-West exchanges along the Silk Road and follow the path of Jikji’s lengthy journey.


The fact that there were exchanges between Goryeo and the West opens up the possibility that Goryeo’s metal type printing technology might have been transferred to the West. The exhibition provides a media-art reenactment of Jikji’s diffusion via the Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road, allowing visitors to follow the journey undertaken by the spirit of Jikji.

* Image Source : KBS