Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.


Festival Program


Memory of the World Exhibition paid exhibition

Discover Memory of the World items from other countries that have shaped the development of human civilization and culture. In the midst of this documentary heritage that has continued the spirit of Jikji, the exhibition will shed new light on the spirit of Jikji and its value in human cultural history.

Memory of the World Exhibition
Oct. 10-21, 2018 10 am - 7 pm (Mon-Thu) / 10 am - 9 pm (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Exhibition Hall (1F), Cheongju Arts Center

General Overview

  • Kinder- und Hausmärchen
    Children’s and Household Tales

    Year of Inscription : 2005
    Location : Brothers Grimm Museum (Kassel, Germany)

    Along with the Luther Bible that laid the foundation for the Protestant Reformation, Children's and Household Tales by Brothers Grimm is, the best-known and most widely distributed book (and material) in German cultural history. The book is the first systematic compilation and scientific documentation of the entire European and Oriental fairy tale tradition. Visitors can peruse a copy of Children's and Household Tales, its annotated reference copies, other auxiliary materials, and memos.

  • The Desmet Collection

    Year of Inscription : 2011
    Location : EYE Film Institute Netherlands (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

    Jean Desmet was a Dutchman who was one of the first cinema operators and film distributors in the Netherlands. He collected over nine hundred 35 mm movie films from all around the world produced between 1907 and 1916 as well as movie posters and PR materials. What’s more, Desmet left for future generations his correspondence with movie producers and cinema operators worldwide. His collection therefore is a significant artifact in the history of cinema and valuable documentary heritage that highlights the social-historical picture of the early 20th century, a century of great importance in modern world history.

  • The Battle of the Somme

    Year of Inscription : 2005
    Location : Imperial War Museum London (London, UK)

    The movie The Battle of the Somme is a documentary record of one of the key battles of the First World War that took place between the British and French allies and Germany in 1916. This 35 mm black-and-white silent film portrays the preparation and the early stages of the battle which resulted in massive casualties of 1.2 million people. The movie is the world’s first feature-length war documentary and played an important role in establishing the standard for future propaganda films. Within one month of its release, millions of British people had seen the movie. At the time, it allowed civilian audiences to share in the experiences of a front-line soldier, creating a huge sensation. Even today, this Memory of the World continues to give rise to numerous controversies regarding the ethicality of a “real movie.”