Jikji Korea is a global cultural festival that highlights and shares the diverse values of Jikji with people from around the world.

International Events

Jikji Prize 2.0 Roundtable

Since its establishment in 2001, the UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize has been recognized as an exceptional award-giving program that incorporates the value and spirit of UNESCO’s Memory of the World. The Jikji Prize 2.0 Roundtable is a venue for international cooperation where outstanding documentary culture experts who have received the Jikji Prize, gather together to share their expertise and experience while, at the same time, reconfirming the importance of knowledge preservation, access, and application.

Main Conference Hall, Cheongju Arts Center
About 30 experts, including UNESCO officials and representatives from Jikji Prize winning organizations
* This program will be conducted in English.
Oct2, 2018(Tue) 10:00~16:00
Oct3, 2018(Wed) 10:00~12:00

The Jikji Prize2.0 and Documentary Heritage Roundtabel